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Social Distancing Tools for Los Angeles & San Diego Offices

As a result of COVID-19 and the subsequent need for social distancing, workplaces need furniture and supplies that can maintain a healthy workplace. BBI Interiors provides social distancing tools for offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, Costa Mesa, and San Diego. When you are ready to have your office open again, we are ready to help you adhere to all health and safety guidelines.

We help throughout the entire project life cycle from the furniture and decor selection, space and design planning to project management and installation. Our industry experience and resources enable us to create the perfect vibe your work space needs, from home offices to global enterprises.

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BBI Interiors sells the perfect social distancing tools for offices across Southern California. From room dividers that prevent overcrowding to desk-mounted protective equipment, we have the equipment to serve your needs. We also provide consulting to help you redesign your office into a distance-friendly space. To learn more or place an order, contact us today! You can reach us by phone at (714) 918-0833 or by email .

Duplex Wall
Enclave Desk Dividers
Enclave Privacy Plus Wing Dividers
Enclave Sneeze Guard
Hako Booth
Hako Meeting
Hana Booth
Loft Wall
Loft Wall 2
Loft Wall 3
Loft Wall 4
Novo 2
System 2 1
Terrace Arced Wing
Terrace Panels
Terrace Sneeze Guard Panel
Uptown Panel
Urban Wall Room Dividers
Verity 1
Verity 5
Verity 6
Villa Wall
Workstation Screens